Sponsored Shooter

NOVA Armament isn't your typical gun store. Located in the heart of Herndon, VA their modern showroom is stocked with the latest firearms and accessories. They have armorers on staff ready and able to help with your firearm needs. Sales staff are friendly and knowledgeable. Next time you visit, check out their consignment selection where you are sure to find a reasonably priced gem. For the latest information on what is in stock check out their Facebook page here.

My rugged yet sexy custom kydex holster was created by the stand up dudes over at Rekkr Custom Kydex. I am always impressed with their level of customer service and often blown away with their creative solutions. If you are looking for a great quality custom kydex holster at a reasonable price then tell Mike I sent you. You can view Rekkr's entire product line to include holsters, magazine pouches, knife sleeves, even wallet holders by visiting their store here. Rekkr products will soon be available at both the NRA Range in Fairfax, VA as well as NOVA Armament located in Herndon, VA.  


As a competitive shooter who trains with approximately 1,000 rounds a week it's important that I can manufacture ammunition that is cost effective and most importantly reliable. I would be lost without the good folks at Rebrassers.  Their once fired brass comes to me well sorted and clean. You can check out their on-line store at Gunbroker here

Gear & Equipment

I am proud to compete in USPSA Production Division with Eagle Imports imported Bersa Thunder Pro XT 9 mm. The double action trigger press is smooth at about 7 lbs and the single is a pleasure hanging right at about 3 lbs. The heavy aluminum frame and checkered polymer grip make recoil management a breeze. It comes stock with a fiber front (red), fully adjustable target rear sight and FIVE magazines. The Thunder Pro XT, right out of the box is perfect for shooting USPSA Production Division. For more information about the Thunder Pro XT check out their website here.

Trust in the reliable performance of my equipment gives me confidence going into a match.